December 26 – 31

Read my journal entries from the Colorado trip where I accidentally go down a double black diamond on my first run in the mountains and accidentaly take someone else’s snowboard, it won’t disappoint.

Day 1: Wake up call! Time to go! Nothing was really going right as Charlie spilled all his coffee and I thought I was boiling water for tea but in reality, I poured room temperature water on my tea bag.

We make it to Jared and Becky’s to meet up and Jared asked whose board was on top of the car. We said it was Becky’s that I was borrowing and he was like no I have never seen that board in my life. So we call Becky over and sure enough it’s not hers. When we went to afton someone had grabbed her board and I took someone else’s home!

I tried to sleep most of the 12-hour journey. We stopped in Nebraska and Spencer met us for lunch at Raising Kanes. Then they made me switch with Luke and I got to ride in the luxury Venier Jeep! They had heated seats in the back and fed me meat and cheese on crackers on a plate! It was like getting upgraded to first class after being stuffed in the overhead cabin.

We stayed the night at the Krynski’s near Denver. Luke made chicken sandwiches and we slept hard.

Day 2: We decide to go to Arapaho Basin for the first day. All geared up and I’m so scared. Cried on the charilift up. We get to the top and it’s a DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND! I’m like no way. Becky slides all the way down on her butt. Joe tries to help me down but it’s not working. So I take my board off and slide my butt down the hill but i’m going so fast and I’m so scared. Sobbing, I have to get back on my board and Joe is trying to encourage me but it’s making me so mad. I make it to the top chalet and sit outside in the sun until i’m ready. I made it to the bottom of the hill but I stayed inside for a few hours drinking a bloody mary and listening to live music.

That was probably the best part of the day! Bloody gave me the courage to go down the hill a few times on my own. We meet back up and head to the Air BNB where Joe and I made dinner and we played games. We have been obsessed with Blockhus lately!

Day 3: Me day! I’m so excited. Everyone is boarding at Peak 7 at Breckenridge and I am relaxing. I did an F45 workout on my own and steamed and hot tubbed. Got pretty and now I’m journaling. I started reading “Letters to the Church” by Francis Chan. (Click here to read my biggest takeaways). I was feeling pretty shaky all day, tried to drive into town but there was no parking, so I drove back and ate at Seven. BLT by myself. Everyone got done and we hot tubbed outside and then hit the town for dinner.

Angel’s Hollow for dinner. Five stars! Half the table got the meat loaf. I got chicken fingers, my go-to when I don’t know what to order. Ask for a side of their homemade thousand Island dressing.

Day 4: Team went to Keystone and I’m walking around the shops. Writing at Starbucks, sharing a table with a stranger. I should ask her her name…

It’s Victoria! Talked with her for a while. She’s from Poland and she’s an AuPair for twins with disabilities. They live at the top of the mountains and have oxygen masks everywhere in the house. It was really nice talking with her. She’s traveled everywhere. I walked around the shops but everyone was really tired so we went back and took a nap then back to Breck to GGT. Venier’s made tacos for us tonight. We shopped and I got myself a pin for my jean jacket.

Day 5: Last day at the Air BNB. We cleaned up and are back in Breck. I really wanted a manicure but everywhere is booked solid until the afternoon. I went into town by myself and bought a magnet for Joe and they were playing Klove on the radio. I’m writing in Cool River Coffee drinking a chai tea. Walked back and gondola’d up the mountain and we drove back to Greely. We ate pizza and watched a Netflix movie(7 Pounds with Will Smith, cried my eyes out).

Next stop: Iowa for New Years!

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