DIY Engagement Card

Recently two of my very best friends got engaged on the same day in two different states to two great guys! I was so excited to share in this day with them even from afar. I felt inspired and created this engagement greeting card to share with you!


Blank Cards

Blank Envelopes

Canon TS9521C

Etsy Printable

Download Print

Click on the image below or the here to get your printable from my Etsy shop! Once you purchase you can download to your computer where you can easily access it.

Put paper in paper tray

Turn on your Canon printer. The reason this printer is THE BEST is because it can print on a large scale! Perfect for all my crafts. The biggest difference is that I load the paper the long way so it prints out exactly as I am seeing it, horizontally.

Adjust Settings

Once you have downloaded the PDF go to FILE then PRINT. Once in the print menu, change your settings for the size of the paper which is 10 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. Click OKAY and then PRINT.


Address and send!

I got to give one of the cards to my maid of honor in person but had to send the other to Chicago! If you have the privilege of giving your card in person, I love using a wax seal. It’s so simple and makes such a beautiful difference.

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